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The Importance of Preventing Wheel Loss on Commercial Vehicles

The safety and security of passengers and the public should be a top priority in the transportation industry, followed by cargo safety.  

Following the recent incident of a wheel falling off a Boeing 777 shortly after take-off, we were reminded of the importance of preventing wheel loss on commercial vehicles. 

Keep on reading to learn about the incident and explore ways to prevent wheel loss on commercial vehicles. 


The Incident  

Boeing 777 at San Francisco with its destination to Japan, carrying 249 passengers and crew, lost one of its wheels a few seconds after take-off. It’s worth mentioning that the wheel’s dimensions were 52inch by 21inch, and it weighed 265 pounds. After the wheel fell off, it ended up causing severe damage to a few parked cars, thankfully unoccupied. Fortunately, the Boeing managed to land safely, without incurring any casualties.

No one would expect such a massive aircraft to experience such a frightening malfunction. See video.


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Although the incident involving the Boeing 777 garnered a lot of media attention due to its high-profile nature, it is necessary to recognise that it serves as a wake-up call for all modes of transportation, including commercial vehicles. Whether it is an aircraft soaring through the skies, a bus or coach carrying precious passengers, or a truck manoeuvring through busy highways, we cannot ignore the potential dangers caused by wheel loss. 

The good news is that there are ways to prevent wheel loss on your own fleet: 


Ensure Safety & Security 

Preventing wheel loss requires rigorous maintenance, regular walk-round checks, and advanced technologies such as wheel nut security systems.   

Our wheel nut security systems provide extra protection against wheel nuts becoming loose, thus reducing the likelihood of accidents or injury caused by wheel detachment. By integrating our advanced security features into your fleet, you can enhance vehicle safety and reliability and have peace of mind that your assets are secure. This will prevent any damages or casualties caused by loose wheels falling off your vehicles. 

In our commitment to enhancing vehicle safety and security, we offer a range of trusted commercial wheel nut clamps and locks designed to prevent these wheel detachment incidents.  

Wheel Nut Locks 

  • PROLOCK - Our flagship product sets the industry standard with its robust construction and innovative design. It offers wheel durability and reliability on commercial vehicles ensuring wheel nuts remain firmly in place even in the most demanding conditions. This wheel nut locking device has a 20-year track record and is TUV-approved. Discover Prolock. 
  • ZAFETY LUG LOCK - An award-winning wheel nut safety system that fights the problem of wheel loss. Locking two adjacent wheel nuts together, it adds extra safety and peace of mind to HGV trucks, trailers, buses and coaches. Explore Zafety Lug Lock. 
  • RIC CLIP – A dependable and cost-effective option that offers outstanding performance and ease of use. These reusable wheel nut safety clamps are designed to fit over an adjacent pair of wheel nuts, reducing the risk of wheel nut loss and subsequent wheel detachment on commercial vehicles. The device can be quickly fitted and removed. Find more about Ric Clip. 

With these trusted solutions - ProLock, Zafety Lug Lock, and Ric Clip – you can safeguard your commercial vehicles and prioritise safety on the road and security for everyone! 


Even though incidents involving wheel detachment can have potentially disastrous consequences, it is fortunate that in some cases, like the recent incident where a wheel only damaged a few cars in a parking lot, there were no injuries as the vehicles were unoccupied. However, this highlights the unpredictable nature of such incidents and reinforces the need to take proactive measures to prevent them. 

By placing preventive measures as a top priority and investing in robust safety practices, we can reduce the risks associated with wheel loss incidents on commercial vehicles. Let us learn from previous incidents and work together towards a future where such mishaps are a thing of the past. 

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