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Eliminate Commercial Vehicle Wheel Loss With Parma Wheel Safety

Wheel nut safety should be a key priority for anyone who runs a fleet and should never be compromised!

With the great number of hours spent on the road, commercial vehicles are extremely vulnerable to stresses and strains.

We have a dedicated product focus on wheel nut safety and security, with a company vision to eliminate commercial vehicle wheel loss.

We do this by stocking a collection of well-respected and trusted commercial wheel nut clamps and locks, designed to suit your operational needs and budget, helping you to keep your wheels safely on the road.

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The Zafety Lug Lock
Award-winning wheel nut safety system for all HGV trucks, trailers, buses & coaches

The Zafety Lug Lock® is fast becoming a preferred solution to combat the problem of wheel loss on commercial vehicles. 

Thanks to this wheel nut lock, the world is becoming a safer place as many discerning fleet operators fit this simple device to their vehicle wheels.

You can click here to find out more about Zafety Lug Locks on our Wistia video channel.


Prolock Wheel Nut Locking Clamps

This wheel nut locking device has a 20-year track record and is TUV approved.

Prolock wheel nut security tabs are secured using a fitting tool. Once in place, this unique anti-wheel detachment solution provides protection and peace of mind as well as protection against wheel loss on buses, coaches, trucks and utility vehicles.

Watch our detailed overview of all ProLock Wheel Nut Locking Clamps can offer here.



Ric Clip Wheel Nut Safety Clamps

The re-useable Ric Clip wheel nut safety clamps fit over an adjacent pair of wheel nuts to reduce the risk of wheel nut loss.

This device can be quickly fitted and removed. Different size clamps are colour-coded to help differentiate them in busy garage environments.

Watch our video to find out more about Ric Clip Wheel Nut Safety Clamps.

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