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19-33mm Zafety Lug Lock

19-33mm Zafety Lug Lock

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The Zafety Lug Lock device fits snugly over two adjacent nuts on the truck or bus wheel to secure them together. It is fitted after the nuts have been properly torqued and the nuts can be torque-checked without removing the device.

Zafety Lug Lock is available in 4 sizes to fit 27-33mm wheel nuts, on 104mm spacing.

High visibility colour gives instant confirmation that the safety product is in place.

Award winning wheel nut safety system  -  For all HGV trucks, trailers, buses & coaches

The Zafety Lug Lock® is fast becoming a preferred solution to combat the problem of wheel loss on commercial vehicles. 

Loss of torque on commercial wheel nuts resulting in detached wheels or even just lost wheel nuts, has long been a challenge to fleet operators worldwide.

Thanks to this wheel nut lock, the world is becoming a safer place as many discerning fleet operators fit this simple device to their vehicle wheels.