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Front Wheel Liner Kit (Alloy Wheels)

Front Wheel Liner Kit (Alloy Wheels)

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This O-Trim Premia front axle liner kit is made to enhance alloy wheels. These stainless steel liner kits can quickly transform your vehicle. The kit comprises of large back liner trims with a separate pair of 10 stud closed centre nut rings. It also includes 20 multi-fit, chrome-plated plastic wheel nut caps suitable for either 32mm or 33mm wheel nuts. The trim kit requires 4 wheel nuts to be removed to secure the trim kit. Once the kit has been installed replace the wheel nuts and re-torque. 

In this kit you will receive as follows;

1 Pair of PAR-629B

1 Pair of PAR-631A

One Box of 20 x PAR-961