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P50 6KG ABC Powder Extinguisher

P50 6KG ABC Powder Extinguisher

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The P50 Range has been in production for over 10 years, designed by Founder Roger Carr, and represents patented innovation resulting in a greener, lighter, stronger, and safer alternative to metal extinguishers.  

The P50 enables your business to carry out your own maintenance with a simple annual inspection, which leads to significant cost savings over its 20-year life cycle. 

The ABC powder is non-conductive and will extinguish Class A (carbonaceous) and Class B (flammable liquids) fires and Class C (flammable gas) fires. The P50P6 is certified to BSI Kitemark, UKCA, EN3, PED and MED.

MED Model available with Schrader valve.

A powder fire extinguisher shouldn’t be used in confined spaces because the powder can easily be inhaled and it leaves a residue that can be difficult to clean up. Consider this extinguisher for premises including garage forecourts, commercial boiler rooms and workspaces that feature welding.

Each and every P50 comes with a:
• 20-year life cycle
• 10-year operational corrosion guarantee
• 10-year manufacturing faults and workmanship guarantee
• Patented Design