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Norbar Torque Multiplier 1300Nm 1/2" - 3/4" Drive

Norbar Torque Multiplier 1300Nm 1/2" - 3/4" Drive

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Norbar HT3 Torque Multiplier with a 5:1 torque multiplication, and accuracy guaranteed to better than ±4%. It comes with two reaction bar styles to offer maximum versatility. It has a robust construction that allows for minimal maintenance, whilst maximising working life.

Supplied in a carrying case, it is ideal for inclusion in the heavy vehicle tool kit. The 1300 Nm version has a spare 3/4in output square included in the kit.

Norbar HT3 Torque Multiplier


Range: 130-1,300Nm (96-960 lbf.ft/13-130 kgf.m).
Multiplication Ratio: 5:1.
Velocity Ratio: 5.333:1.
Output Square: 3/4in.
Input Square: 1/2in.
Plate Weight: 1.3kg.
Tool Weight: 3.8kg.