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Zafety Lug Lock

Award winning wheel nut safety system-  For all HGV trucks, trailers, buses & coaches.

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A Fleet Favourite

The Zafety Lug Lock® is fast becoming a preferred solution to combat the problem of wheel loss on commercial vehicles. 

Loss of torque on commercial wheel nuts resulting in detached wheels or even just lost wheel nuts, has long been a challenge to fleet operators throughout the world. 

A selection of our partners who use Zafety Lug Locks

Thanks to this wheel nut lock, the world is becoming a safer place as many discerning fleet operators fit this simple device to their vehicle wheels



Zafety Lug Lock® wheel nut locks are the result of intense testing and research. The simple design of this unique product allows the Zafety Lug Lock to be fitted to 2 adjacent wheel nuts, creating a resistance between the nuts.

Zafety Lug Locks will keep wheel nuts on the vehicle to hold the wheel in place by minimising their ability to turn in the event of loss of torque on the retaining wheel nuts. 

The flexible centre section allows the lock to be fitted with ease to the wheel nuts regardless to the position of the flats on the nuts and will not conflict with the centre hub on rear wheels. 

Unique Slim Profile

Due to the ultra slim profile of this wheel nut lock, it can be fitted beneath wheel covers and even nut rings on front axles of trucks and buses.

Depending on the type of wheel nut used the slim profile also allows for torque checks to be carried out whilst the device is in place. 

If a wheel nut is checked and has lost torque, we recommend that all nut locks are removed, and the wheel is re-fitted as per manufacturer’s recommendations.


Zafety Lug Locks are precision manufactured from a very tough durable plastic, with the feel of hard rubber. This unique material provides protection against extreme temperatures making it a favourite in all terrains. 

Zafety Lug Locks do not become brittle in sub-zero temperatures or melt and distort in high temperatures resulting from overheated hubs or brakes.


Zafety Lug Locks are currently stocked for most commercial wheel nut sizes including 19, 27, 30, 32 & 33mm wheel nuts with a 104mm spacing between nuts.  Other sizes may be available subject to minimum quantities required.

NEW SIZE available for lowloaders and low floor trailers 70mm nut spacing for 32 & 33mm Wheel nuts.



Zafety Lug Locks are currently stocked in 3 vivid colours: yellow, green and red

These colours give instant reassurance that the system is in place and any unprotected wheel nuts can instantly be spotted. Bespoke colours are available to order to match corporate fleet livery but may be subject to minimum order quantities.


It is recommended that Zafety Lug Locks are fitted to all wheel nuts on each wheel wherever possible.

Nut locks can be easily fitted and removed by hand to each pair of wheel nuts and must be pushed as far back on to the wheel nuts as possible. In busy work shop environments where large numbers of wheel nut locks are required an optional fitting/removal tool is available.


Click on the links below to see videos demonstrating the fitting methods.

CLICK HERE to see a video showing fitment by hand

CLICK HERE to see a video showing fitment using tool 


The patented Zafety Lug Lock® for commercial vehicles is supported by a 2-year limited defect warranty. This product is in no means intended to replace good practice safety procedures and is intended to complement regular vehicle safety checks.

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Award Winning Design

The Zafety Lug Lock® product is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada where it has become a winner of the prestigious Manning Innovation Award which celebrates Canadian Innovators who contribute to improving lives in Canada and worldwide.  

Zafety Lug Lock® is a registered Trademark and European Patent of Tafcan Consulting Ltd.