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You would think that in this newfound age of Health and Safety that accidents involving detached vehicle wheels would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong, and a quick online news search would unfortunately yield numerous results that show that the devastating, and often life threatening, consequences of a detached wheel are all too commonplace.

32mm Propoint Wheel Nut Safety Marker - Blue32mm Propoint Wheel Nut Safety Marker - Red32mm Propoint Wheel Nut Safety Marker - Yellow  
Here are some examples:      

Wheel Loss Incident 1

Wheel Loss Incident 2

With a multitude of wheel safety devices available, one of the longest serving and most relied upon solutions has been the wheel nut indicator. Used effectively for over 20 years to provide a visual warning of any change in wheel nut integrity, giving drivers and mechanics that all-important early warning sign that a wheel nut has lost tension and could cause a serious accident if left unattended. Whilst Propoint wheel nut indicators are not designed to prevent wheel loss, this early warning system can, and often does, prompt mechanics and drivers to carry out regular visual wheel safety checks that too often can be missed during busier times.

Propoint ImageDesigned to fit easily over correctly torqued wheel nuts, the Propoint indicator has a unique balancing tag feature which allows for simple removal and re-use of the product, saving both time and money by allows users to effortlessly reapply the indicators back onto wheel nuts after any regular routine wheel maintenance. To see for yourself how easy it is to fit and remove the Propoint product, why not check out our quick product introduction video here and see the Propoint in action.

Manufactured to exacting UK standards and available in a variety of bright visual colours and sizes, the Pro Point wheel nut indicators have been trusted as part of many wheel safety regimes for many years and are built to last.
Check out the full Propoint range here to see which options match your vehicle needs.

Whilst visual indicators are a brilliant tool to minimise the risk of wheel detachment, they don’t prevent wheel loss, they simply provide a visual cue of any issues. If you would like to learn more about products that are designed to stop wheel loss then we also stock a number of other products such as the Ric ClipProlock or Zafety Lug Lock that can greatly upgrade your wheel safety regime.

Contact us today to discuss the best option available to you and your fleet and ensure that together we are going further to prevent the next potential wheel detachment disaster.

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