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Wheel detachment is still an issue

Can you believe wheel detachment accidents still happen in 2022?

Do you make a lot of effort to complete responsible wheel checks and have strict maintenance routines? Unfortunately, even in 2022, wheel detachments occur and they can be absolutely terrifying.

Recently a school bus company experienced 2 wheel detachments on separate vehicles in the space of a week!

Take a look at the clip below:

Closer to home, a wheel falling off an ambulance caused serious delay, not to mention putting lives at risk by the ambulance being out of action:


Unfortunately, wheel detachment still happens and the result is often disastrous, sometimes even fatal.

It’s unnecessary in this day and age to have incidents involving damage, downtime, injury or worse caused by a vehicle losing a wheel.

Though you may be running your daily checks and trying to keep on top of maintenance, it’s recommended to go the extra step and ensure you reduce risk to an absolute minimum with wheel nut clamps and locks.

Parma stock highly effective wheel nut safety devices to prevent wheel loss on large commercial vehicles, including HGV trucks, trailers, buses & coaches. Just by installing these small, simple devices, you can protect the safety of others, keep your fleet operating smoothly, and avoid devastating legal costs.

We have a variety of options available to suit your operational needs and budget, so no matter what you can be safe in the knowledge that your fleet is protected.


Ric Clip Wheel Nut Safety Clamps are a widely trusted solution used by fleets globally. These reusable clamps are manufactured in the UK and can be quickly fitted and removed – in fact installation can take under 90 seconds.

Each different sized clamp is colour coded to help you differentiate them in a busy garage environment, making your life easier.

Plus, thanks to their steel construction, Ric clips are highly effective and durable, and can be recycled at the end of their life.


If you’re looking for something EXTRA sturdy, the Prolock Wheel Nut Lock Clamps could be the right choice for you. These clamps have an exceptional, market leading, 30 year track record and are TUV approved. 

Made from specialised steel strip with a protective coating, the Prolock clamp is a tough product made for a tough environment.

Simply secure with a specialised fitting tool, bespoke to your wheel requirements and remove with the lever tool.


Alternatively, we recommend the Zafety Lug Lock®, our award winning wheel nut safety system, suitable for all HGV trucks, trailers, buses & coaches. Although our most affordable option, the Zafety Lug Lock® doesn’t compromise: in an evaluation of a whole range of wheel safety devices the Zafety Lug Lock® scored the highest overall rating in effectiveness, ease of use and cost!

The device is reusable and able to withstand an exceptionally high temperature range, effective from -40C of Canada to 50C of Australian desert.

Fitting and removal can easily be done by hand in under 90 seconds, and comes in a range of colours and sizes.



To browse our full range of wheel safety products click HERE. Or If you need help to pick the right wheel safety clamps for your fleet, get in touch with a member of the Parma team today.