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Our support for Sarcoma UK

As part of our ongoing programme of giving to charitable causes, for the months of June and July 2022 we are making donations to the Sarcoma UK charity in recognition of the work it does in research of this disease and support for those affected by it.

Particular emphasis is aimed at GP education and awareness, that will lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment and lives saved.

The donations are based on a percentage of our sales for these two months. This means that for every order our customers place with us, a contribution is going to this valuable cause.

This particular charity is close to our hearts as one of our sales team lost a daughter to Sarcoma a while back and so we are very glad of the opportunity to provide some funding through this route.

Sarcoma UK is small charity that provides specialist support, information and awareness for a rare type of cancer called Sarcoma. The amount we donated will help educate medical professionals on the disease, for example Sarcoma UK is currently working on a new video aimed at physiotherapists to help them spot the signs of Sarcoma in patients.

Kerry, the fundraising director, has said, “We are honoured that Parma chose Sarcoma UK as their chosen charity. As we don’t get funding from larger charities or the government, all our charitable activities can happen because of your generosity. We don’t get these opportunities very often, so thank you to the partners for picking us in memory of Katherine, turning something so tragic into a positive force for good.”