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New 2023 HGV Road Laws: What You Need to Know

For those looking to make sure their HGV business is ahead of the curve, focusing on keeping up to date with new laws and regulations is essential. By demonstrating good knowledge and compliance with regulations, companies that operate with HGV’s can help set a higher industry standard that can make them stand out amongst the competition.

The introduction of new laws and regulations can often present unexpected costs or complications that require knowledge to mitigate. Having a thorough understanding of the new rules and regulations can help these companies better plan for issues and unexpected events on the road, such as compliance checks. This minimises downtime and helps avoid any delays and penalties due to ignorance of the laws.

Not only does this help improve the safety of drivers and other road users, but it also protects the reputation of the company.

If you’re not sure about the new laws and regulations regarding HGV’S brought about in 2023, Parma has you covered. We have outlined some of the major changes relating to HGV’S as well as some steps you can take to ensure your fleet is compliant.

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s) Levy Costs Return

In August 2023, the government will reintroduce the levy costs for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) weighing more than 12 tonnes. The levy, which is designed to compensate for the wear and tear HGVs inflict on British roads, was temporarily suspended during the pandemic in 2020 and extended for a further year until August 2022.

This levy is part of the Department for Transport’s strategy to make HGVs more sustainable and provides funding for local authorities to maintain the roads and minimise disruption caused by HGVs.

HGV operators should prepare now for this cost return in August 2023 to ensure they are ready to meet the cost when the levy is reintroduced.


Potential Faulty Sat-nav Ban Discussed for HGV Drivers

Due to the increasing number of accidents in which HGVs have gotten stuck under bridges because of faulty GPS systems, English and Welsh councils are requesting a ban on the use of faulty sat-navs by HGV drivers. A government proposal to mandate that HGV operators use specialist sat-nav devices is being considered, though a final decision hasn't been made.

Given that this potential ban could become a reality soon, it is important for HGV operators and fleet owners to take proactive steps now to ensure they are compliant. All HGV operators should review their current sat-nav systems and replace any outdated or faulty ones with specialist devices.

Doing so will not only ensure that they are compliant with any potential new laws but also ensure that they are practising good driving habits, reducing the risk of accidents, and making the roads safer for everyone.

Fuel Duty Set for a Further Twelve Months

In the 2023 Spring budget speech, it was announced that the planned 11p rise in fuel duty would be cancelled, meaning that the 5p fuel duty cut from 2020 will remain in place for a further twelve months. This means that for the majority of drivers, fuel duty costs will stay the same as last year and could mean substantial savings for HGV operators.

High fuel prices over the last year have put an increased financial burden on both consumers and businesses. Even after cutting duties, record-high gas prices have persisted. So in the interests of consumers and businesses alike, the fuel duty will be maintained.

Ultimately, this move should be beneficial to both businesses and households across Britain, especially those who rely on their vehicles to get through daily tasks.


Stay Informed and Protect Your Fleet

If your business relies on Heavy Goods Vehicles make sure you read up on all of the 2023 updates to road laws and regulations to set your fleet up for success.

When it comes to your fleet safety, Parma is a trusted industry leader that you can rely on. We provide a range of products and services for wheel safety, garage and workshop essentials, vehicle upkeep and more. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will ensure that you have everything you need for an efficient and safe operation.

Taking advantage of Parma’s products and services will help to keep your fleet safe, updated and compliant with the latest requirements.

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