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Gloves are disposable, your hands aren't

The phrasegetting your hands dirty used to been seen as a positive mark of honour amongst vehicle technicians. Now, however, in vehicle workshops and garages at least, it’s all about protecting those same precious hands from irritation and damage.

Given that diesel exhaust fumes, dirty engine oil and anything else that comes out the system during maintenance can be potentially hazardous, technicians are now advised to ‘handle with care’ and always protect their skin from irritation and damage.


With vehicle manufacturers coming up with an ever-expanding array of chemicals and products to clean, treat, dye, and protect materials, the stress and potential damage to hands and skin should be a pressing concern. That's why it's always recommended to have protective gloves to hand within the workshop, to prevent them from getting them caked in oil or grime or coming into unwanted contact with irritants or substances that can harm the skin.

Exposure of the skin to such by-products can cause eczema/dermatitis at least, and serious long-term damage at its worst. That has led to widespread use of gloves within vehicle workshops, typically made from fuel-resistant nitrile rubber.


Did you know- Employers are required to provide their employees with adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) so that they can do their jobs safely. If the employee will be encountering chemicals or anything dangerous or irritating to their skin, they must be given adequate hand protection. 

 Why choose Nitrile gloves instead of Latex?

Nitrile gloves are manufactured from synthetic rubber.  Due to their excellent durability and textured, non-slip design, they are the ideal choice for anyone working in a busy environment where they are likely to come across potential irritants and grime.  Nitrile is also a long-lasting sturdy material meaning less glove changes during the working day. 

Our range of Disposable Nitrile Powder Free Workshop Gloves are available in blue or black, 100% latex free and suitable for use by people who have a skin sensitivity to latex materials They offer robust resistance to typical solvents and chemicals that any workshop technician is likely to come into contact with.


  • Parma nitrile gloves are manufactured to be strong but with improved feel and sensitivity, with Micro Textured fingers for excellent wet and dry grip
  • Latex Free - reducing the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions
  • Beaded Cuff - providing additional strength and preventing liquid roll off
  • Superior barrier protection over latex and vinyl
  • Excellent puncture resistance and strength
  • Ambidextrous
  • Superior Puncture Resistance Compared to Latex
  • Comfort & Fit - mould to the hand to give a great fit
  • Excellent Touch Sensitivity
  • Can be worn for Extended Periods of Time
  • Superior Chemical Resistance to Petroleum Based Products
  • Excellent Shelf Life


 Get a grip!

Skin protection may be the most common reason for workshop gloves, but it is by no means the only reason that gloves should be a fundamental part of your workshop operations.

Whilst chemical, oil and grease resistance are obvious necessities for workshop gloves, high dexterity, grip and cut resistance are also key traits that can also improve your productivity and protection in the workshop.

Many of the tasks we regularly encounter within the workshops require a sturdy grip and an ability to make minute adjustments accurately, to parts that are often coated in oil, grease, or other slippery substances.










 Whatever the reason you are looking at making the most of workshop gloves, it is worthwhile to remember that you've only got one pair of hands make sure they are protected at all times!

 To discover how our range of Nitrile Protective Gloves can be the perfect solution for your workshop, visit our site HERE, or request a sample