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Are "Green Buses" the future of public transport?

Whether you live in London, Limerick or Liverpool, the rise of 'green' public transport can be seen across the country, and indeed the world. With countries all over the globe committing to lowering their carbon footprint and contributing to a 'greener', more environmentally friendly society, public transport is going through one of the biggest seismic operational changes since its inception. Not sure? Check out these news articles from the last month and see for yourself:

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Chinese buses driving Poland's transport green revolution

 In London, a leading force for 'green' public transport, the Mayor has two large transport strategy manifestos that are driving this revolution within the city:

  •         By 2041, the Mayor aims for 80% of all Londoners’ trips to be made by foot, by cycle, or by public transport.
  •         The Mayor is working to ensure London’s entire transport system is zero emission by 2050.

The FULL Green Transport Strategy can be seen here:

Gas-guzzling London Green Line Coaches 1970's styleGas-guzzling London Green Line Coaches 1970's style


These huge pledges can only mean one thing for the future of 'green' public transport, it is here to stay, and it is only going to get bigger in the upcoming years!

 It is widely believed that as consumers become more consciously aware of how their choices impact on the global environment, the choice to use “green” transport will become ever more popular, so much so that cities around the world are investing in improved bike lanes and commuter walking paths. This shift in public opinion is evident with many regions launching campaigns to urge people to ditch their cars for the sake of the planet and their health, evidenced here with the Liverpool City Region’s new “the best vehicle for short journeys is YOU” campaign.

Modern Eco-friendly Green Transport Modern Eco-friendly Green Transport 

The ability to completely remove powered transport from public life in an ever-expanding world is virtually impossible, but with the advent of electric, and to equal extent hydrogen, powered buses, the choice to go green is now tantalisingly within reach for all commuters across the country. With a wide range of hybrid, electric and hydrogen powered buses now available across many networks, the benefits to both consumer, operator and the environment are tangible.

With technological advancements such as innovative wireless charging allowing hybrid buses to operate in EV mode for almost 80% of their routes, it is increasingly clear that the financial upside for operators is also a key driver for this new generation of buses. Offering effective, low-carbon, reliable services without the burden of long charging cycles disrupting fleets, keeping the wheels on the road for longer.

In summary, at Parma we believe that the 'green bus' revolution is here to stay and is a great solution for minimising climate change and driving carbon neutrality in the next few years and beyond. We are committed to continuing to support public transport, as we have done for over 20 years with our innovative range of safety, cleaning and styling products, and we are proud to continue to go further in making our roads safer, cleaner places for future generations.

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