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Keeping the wheels on the road- an exclusive guide to PROLOCK

PROLOCK - Successfully Preventing Wheel Detachment for over 20 years

Whether your business has one vehicle or a nationwide fleet, a 4 wheeled van or a rig with many wheels, you need to understand the dangers of wheel detachment and the significant dangers it can cause.

You may think that wheel detachment is a rare occurrence nowadays, but you’d be wrong, and the consequences of being wrong can be devastating.

Here are 2 examples of recent UK news articles that demonstrate the dangers and potential life-threatening accidents that can occur from a single wheel detachment.

Luckily in these situations nobody was hurt, however the next time may not be so fortunate.




Now you may already be running a strict maintenance regime and daily wheel checks, which is a fantastic start, BUT if we can all go further to minimise this unnecessary risk then we believe it’s our responsibility to do so.

Here at Parma we stock a multitude of wheel nut safety devices to suit your operational needs and budget, our PROLOCK wheel nut locking device is one of our most respected and well-reviewed products. 

Made from specialist steel strip with a protective coating, the PROLOCK wheel nut locking clamps secure over 2 adjacent wheel nuts, preventing either of them from becoming loose, providing a physical barrier to wheel detachment that will give you peace of mind that your fleet is operating safely.

Once the wheel nuts have been securely fitted to your vehicle and adjusted to the correct tightness (using a specially calibrated tool to ensure correct torque), the PROLOCK devices are fitted using a specialist tool and dead blow hammer to ensure they remain firmly in place.

Once fitted you can rest assured that should any of the wheel nuts begin to lose its clamping force the device will continue to firmly hold it in place and prevent any potential disastrous wheel detachment incidents.


With the ability to remove the product during routine torque and operational inspections, the PROLOCK provides a versatile and efficient solution to your wheel safety needs and is available in a variety of sizes to suit most fleet requirements.

A well trusted and respected product, utilised by emergency services and commercial fleet operators nationwide, the PROLOCK wheel nut locking device is the perfect product to prevent the devastation caused from unnecessary wheel detachment incidents.

To find out more, or view our detailed overview of the PROLOCK wheel nut locking device watch our short product information video here, or visit our website to order your next PROLOCK products today.