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Saxmundham, UK

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a bit of 'Marmite' thing;

You either love doing them - almost to the level of addiction, or you simply cannot see the point of it all. Many have found it to be a great stress-reliever during the COVID restrictions and reportedly, demand has never been higher.

Here is an option: work on some puzzles online. Our Parma selection includes a few you can try and the beauty of it is - you can select the level of difficulty or the number of pieces. Have a go, it may turn out slightly harder than you expected!

Why not create your own free account and upload some favourite family or holiday images to keep the children (or the oldies) occupied?

Parma Trade Show Stand

Hayle Harbour, Cornwall

Street Scene in Zurich

Vintage Rolls Royce

Niagara Falls

Chicago Skyline